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Our programs are designed to fit everyone of every fitness level. Our functional style training focuses on basic everyday movements that can be modified to increase or decrease difficulty levels. We offer a wide variety of classes to keep your work outs exciting, never boring, in a fun and sarcastic, friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re at home.



The Ultimate Fitness Adventure!

Our hybrid-style approach gives you everything you need to be successful. You no longer have to feel intimidated or alone to step foot in the gym. Our team will give you all the tools and guidance to guarantee you hit your goals and make positive lifestyle changes.

Here at our Sandford gym, we're not just about workouts; we're about a lifestyle transformation that's as fun as it is effective! No more gymtimidation or feeling like you're on a solo fitness mission.

We've got your back!

Our personal fitness coaching includes so many amazing benefits:


Our secret sauce? A hybrid style approach that's got all the ingredients for success. We've got the recipe for your fitness journey, and it's not your average cookbook. Say goodbye to intimidation and hello to a supportive community that feels like family.


Imagine having your fitness dream team by your side. Our squad of expert trainers and coaches will arm you with all the tools and guidance you need. It's like having your own personal entourage dedicated to your success. We're in the business of crushing goals and making lifestyle changes that stick!


Our one-on-one approach is like having a personal fitness GPS. We tailor everything to you—your goals, your needs, your preferences. We're not just about personal training; we've got programming, proactive accountability, classes, and nutrition. We even sprinkle in a big dose of gratitude and routine.



Our fitness classes are designed for everyone of every fitness level to keep you on track. We offer a variety of styles and times to help break the monotony of working out. Each class is designed to bring its own unique challenges in fitness. Our certified instructors will guide you through workouts safely but also challenge you to push to your next level.

At our Sandford, MI gym, our classes are designed for everyone, no matter your fitness level. We keep things exciting with yoga classes, cardio workouts, and ab fitness bootcamps.


Cardio workouts are the heart-pumping, energy-boosting, calorie-burning secret sauce to your fitness success. Whether you're into cardio kickboxing, HIIT, or just good old-fashioned cardio, our classes have got your cardio cravings covered.


Our abs fitness classes will have your core muscles singing with joy (and maybe a bit of soreness). Say goodbye to endless crunches and hello to dynamic, core-strengthening workouts that target those six-pack goals.

Variety Is the Key to Fitness

We get it; doing the same workout day in and day out can be a snooze fest. That's why we encourage our gym members to switch things up. From battle ropes to suspension training, pilates to boot camps, we're here to banish boredom and bring the excitement back to your fitness routine.

Our Instructors Inspire and Challenge

Our certified fitness instructors are not just fitness pros; they're your personal cheerleaders. They'll guide you through workouts safely and make sure you have a blast while doing it. Get ready to be challenged, motivated, and supported every step of the way.

Our Group Fitness Classes



If you want to start working out but you’re not sure where to start. Let one of our coaches design a custom plan to help you reach your personal goals.


Whether you're a workout warrior or just getting started, our fitness personal trainers have your back! At our Sandford, MI gym, we whip up custom workout programs that are as unique as you are. No matter your fitness level, we've got the perfect recipe for your success.


Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to positivity! Our fitness personal trainers aren't just experts; they're your personal pep squad. With their infectious enthusiasm, they'll inspire you to break limits you never thought possible. Get ready to conquer your fitness goals with an unbeatable attitude!


We're not just about getting ripped; we're about feeling amazing inside and out! Our holistic workouts cover everything from heart-pumping cardio to zen-inducing mindfulness. It's like a workout buffet where you create your own plate of health and happiness.


We've Got You!

Are you all about those numbers? We are, too! Whether it's personal training for weight loss or any other goal, our fitness personal trainers will map it out and help you track it down. Get ready to watch those goals turn into victories!

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This place is amazing!

"Best place in Midland. Trainers are amazing and I'm so glad I have them pushing me. Check out their lunch crunch class. Members are all super nice. This place is amazing!"

-Heather G.

Best. Gym. Ever!

"Best. Gym. Ever! Great people who genuinely care about each other. Fun classes and great equipment! So glad I heard about this place!"

-Stephanie Y

Excellent, great equipment and friendly and helpful staff

"Excellent, great equipment and friendly and helpful staff and fellowship with all, not like the corporate gyms in town, this is an old school gym with modern equipment and friendly employees and atmosphere"

-Riley M.

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