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About Edge Fitness and Training Headquarters


Meet Your Fitness Family in Sanford

Nestled in the heart of Sanford, MI, EDGE Fitness and Training Headquarters isn’t just a gym — it’s where aspiration meets action, where dreams become dynamic workouts, and where every member feels at home. Join us today to experience the EDGE difference!

Our Origin Story

Born from a love for fitness and community, EDGE Fitness and Training Headquarters is Sanford's very own sanctuary for those striving for better health. Rooted deeply in our hometown spirit, we've grown to offer a unique blend of group classes, holistic nutrition, and one-on-one coaching.

Our Mission

Beyond the weights and workouts, our core mission is simple: to craft a caring community where each individual is empowered to transcend their limits. Your goals become our shared journey, and together, we embark on a path of physical and mental evolution.

Ready to join the EDGE family? Contact us today to dive deeper, reach higher, and find your fitness edge with us. Get started on your fitness journey now with EDGE Fitness and Training Headquarters!

Our Trusted team


Hannah Merillat - Owner

Bio Coming Soon


Rebecca "EDGE" Johnson - Queen Bee

Gym Manager / Trainer / Instructor

Don’t let the red hair and big smile fool you. Rebecca may look innocent but she is one tough instructor when it comes to her classes. Rebecca's Body Blast step class has quickly become the favorite of the gym and a guaranteed way to burn 600 calories without knowing it. She has a wealth of knowledge and a very caring, in depth approach to her training style that really reflects in the results in her clients. 


Max Uttley - The Pretty One

Fitness Coach / Group Trainer

As a kid I struggled with obesity which created issues not only with my health but with my mental well-being as well. I started along my fitness path nearing the end of my high school career and have been actively engaged in it ever since. This path quickly became a passion for me that has had resounding effects on my health, body, and overall mindset. When I’m not in the gym pursuing my own goals I like to remain active in the outdoors fishing, hunting, trapping, or taking my dog Cain on long walks. I believe that “rest” days for me and my clients as well should be an additional opportunity to get out and about and remain active.

My goal as a trainer is to help those who felt as I once did; hopeless, lost, and wanting to make a change but having no idea of where to start. I want to be able to help those who have a vision and goal in mind of making themselves better everyday and being able to stay accountable to those goals for the long term. I know that this can be an overwhelming challenge, but as someone who has personally struggled with these challenges I know what it takes to overcome these obstacles and want to help you overcome them as well!


Alex Cottrell - Squat Master

Fitness Coach / Group Trainer

My name is Alexandrea, but most people call me Alex or Al; I am indifferent to either. I am currently working as an Exercise Physiologist, with post-cardiovascular intervention patients, developing exercise programs to improve overall cardiovascular health. Our main goal as an Exercise Physiologist is to provide education to further assist patients in making healthy lifestyle changes and ultimately improve overall physical fitness. These are skill sets I hope to translate with training clients.

I am certified in CPR/ACLS and I am working toward obtaining my Personal Training Certification. I am obsessed with my dog so be prepared for me to show unsolicited dog pictures. I am not one for clichés but when I am not spending my time at work or the gym, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and our dog, traveling / outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy meeting new people and I am excited for this new journey, and just as excited to help you with yours!


Lauren Mealbach – Gym’s Little Sister


My name is Lauren, My passion for fitness peaked during the pandemic and it was then, that I decided to become more involved in the fitness industry. I truly love helping others and I can't wait to be able to share my knowledge and help educate my clients on multiple levels pertaining to fitness, health and lifestyle changes. Together, we can accomplish goals and feel amazing, from the inside out. I’m still working on continuing my education within the fitness industry and I’m super excited for this new journey in my life!


Kris Gault – Viking King


Bio coming soon


Chris Periatt – Krav Maga


Current 27-year active law enforcement, 18+ years tactical team, black belt Krav Maga under Nir Maman CT 707, teaching, and training in Krav Maga for 16+ years, brown belt Japanese Jiu Jitsu under Master Bryan Paz Ultimate Martial Arts, certified instructor in 4 separate Krav Maga law enforcement associations. International law enforcement trainer in active shooter response for National Tactical Officers Association since 2015.

Tim "Nice Ears" Eschtruth

Tim "Nice Ears" Eschtruth

Judo & Jiu Jitsu instructor

Tim is our local Star Wars nerd and expert at telling inside jokes that only he gets. Professional MMA fighter, black belt in judo and one of the top grapplers in the U.S. we are honored to have him as our martial arts instructor. Tim has found the perfect balance between teaching basic techniques for those that want to compete and those looking for another source of exercise. His kids program is not only one of the cutest things you’ll see but one of the best in the area.