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Weight Control

Have you tried every diet and keep gaining weight back? No fad diets or quick fixes. We make personalized adjustments to help keep the weight off.


Do you have a hard time sticking to a routine? Our proactive accountability approach and gym community will help you stay consistent to your journey.


Have you ever been overwhelmed by the thought of counting macros and calories? We’ll show you how to simplify and find balance in your nutrition.

Time Management

“I’d like to work out, I just don’t have the time.” Our coaches offer 24 hour access, personal and online training. Anything you need, anytime.


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Talk to one of our coaches to discuss your goals this fitness adventure. Our 15 minute preliminary conversation will match you with the perfect coach.

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Meet Your Coach

Meet your coach as you two develop a long term approach to your journey! While you’re here try a class for free and meet your accountability community.

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Start Your Journey

Your journey starts here! We’ve put together goals, nutrition, programs, accountability partners and now we start!

What Our Members Are Saying:

A Gym to Call Home

I hold a membership for several local gyms and have to say that Edge Fitness is like no other. My experience has been that the owner & trainers here are willing to be involved in their members’ health and fitness goals and do everything they can to help to you achieve them. I highly recommend Edge to anyone that is looking for a “gym to call home” as this is definitely that place regardless of your fitness level!


Early Morning Work Outs

I love that Edge Fitness has early morning work out opportunities. It makes a big difference in my day after Brian’s “too easy” workouts!


Friendly Atmosphere

Edge is the kind of gym that allows you the freedom to make your work out your own. The atmosphere is friendly and can make anyone feel comfortable. Scheduling classes is simple and they encourage a culture of accountability in following through with scheduled classes. I have been a member of several gyms over the last two decades and Edge is among the best.